Sunday, December 16, 2007

Theme of the week - A review of my choice

Why not review the blog or group that has initiated it all? I am talking about the Mauritius Blog Brethren or the MBB. As far as I know, the MBB blog was formed 2 months ago and the blog gained immediate success mainly because the aim of MBB is to help other bloggers and promote them. Quite self-less I would say. MBB's way of promoting blogs comes in the form of reviews and occasional competitions. The reviews are mainly positive with some advices and I must say that those reviews have a psychological impact on people and make them want to keep blogging. Imagine having someone reading your blog and compiling a review of it. This is flattering and will make you want to keep doing it.

MBB also offers the opportunity of meeting fellow Mauritian bloggers who blog about different things and to share views and ideas on their forum. What is striking on their forum is that everyone can have their say. You don't like the color scheme for example, you voice it out and they make a change. You can propose themes for the theme of the week and if everyone agrees on it, the theme becomes the theme of the week. These are mere examples of the functioning of the forum.

What I like about MBB are that:

They do not ask for backlinks. I mean that it is not mentioned anywhere that to be a member you should add them to your blogroll or talk about them. They only ask for participation on other blogs.

They have shaped this blogging passion into a fraternity and as far as I know this has never been done before.

The christmas theme on their forum roxx!

If you are Mauritian and have a blog, MBB is the place to go!


MBB said...

Nice review! :D

bbZuSh said...

Nice :-P Vive MBB :P

morinn said...

nice review! :D

La Pingouine said...

Hehe good job for this review. I will add that mbb is the best way to know and to read nice mauritian blogs.

Slasher said...

To fer moi rapelle kan mo ti demande zot change zot couleur theme, acoz mo pervert :P

Et banne la ti change li....LOL

Great review :D