Sunday, December 30, 2007

My interpretation of a perfect end of year

I don't know if it is the heat or the consumption of too much high-calorie food, but I feel lethargic lately. I feel lazy. Luckily I have already helped my mom in doing the end of year shoppings and since I don't know how to cook, I will not help in the cooking. That's something positive for me. I will just have to sit around and pretend to be having fun in the heat of the Mauritian summer by eating some "heavy" food.

The perfect end of year for me would imply a better climate. Lighter food and more free time to spend online updating my blog and chatting. Like I always do XD.

But seriously I think the perfect end of year would be what this guy, Slasher, hopes for; the elimination of poverty and famine ==> link

This is one of the simplest and nicest post I have read recently. Way to go buddy. ;)

And to everyone of you, have a wonderful end of year.


slasher said...

Mo surpris ki ene ta girls pa kone cook :P Samem mo dir boys are best LOL

Mais li ene curse ki mo kone cook, acoz tou le jours mo mama fer moi cook ene truc :(

Thanks for mentioning me :D

And Happy New Year 2008.

morinn said...

lol! to bizin aprane cuit now mo penser! hiihii, bonne anee a toi miranda! :D

MBB said...

hehe miranda! try to eat light this time so that you feel less lethargic and more active :D

La Pingouine said...

^^ Happy New Year to you!!! Manze lighter la sa meme ki pli difficile ;p, boire light la oci hihihi

fadilnet said...

Hello :)
Hope that you had a blast. Belated Happy New Year 2K8.
A year goes by but life keeps on going (well, actually, it's time which goes by (+ve and -ve since it's merely the space between dimension, residing in subspace). Anyway, the point is - keep on striving for whatever you believe in.
Ace your exams, be your brilliant self.
Shine, dear Miranda.
I wish you well,