Saturday, April 12, 2008

MBB kicks it again

Once again the MBB has shown that it rules. Exactly six months and some days after its creation it makes the Mauritian blogging scene known to common Mauritians by being the subject of a newspaper article on Le Mauricien. This article paves the way for further knowledge on blogging and for people to know better on this rising phenomenon. Bloggers like Morinn, Jevin and KeliAti have been mentioned in the article as well. They have given a clear and simplified explanation on what blogging is.

I salute this event and hope this is just the beginning.

Next is the consideration of blogging as a platform to express serious and important issues and not just a way to make new friends.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Saturday thought

We live in a crazy country where children lose their lives because of stupid heads of state. I don't know what else to say for this event has had so much impact on me that it has left me speechless. Something has got to be done.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I am dreaming of parmesans. Parmesans everywhere, melting parmesans, parmesans with aubergines, grilled, warm, a little sticky. Oh my God, this is driving me crazy. With this rain I am lazy to go buy something and cook it. I rarely cook but this time if I have a parmesan in front of me, I'll feast on it and cook it and make it become the most delicious meal ever.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A page rank

Following my post where I was ranting about how my life is meaningless and that I should update, I received an almost divine sign that I should keep posting. I am sure now someone up there reads all blogs and knows when to send signs. The sign in question is a Google PR 2. I had completely abandoned my blog without even thinking about it when today a friend asked me to check my Google toolbar and see for myself, which I did and which I could not believe. My blog has nothing, I am not ashamed to say this and if ever I got the page rank because of traffic then I thank the MBB entirely for this, because let us face it, I don't really visit other blogs or forums. My online life is limited to MSN, wikipedia and the MBB forum. I know I am making a big fuss out of this little PR. Try to understand me, this is the kind of little thing that makes me happy. Perhaps this will give me the required energy to go on with that awesome thing called blogging. Amen.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

I should update

Since I have created this blog I have realised that I prefer reading what others have to say rather than writing something on my own. Maybe I am too lazy to write. I am so taken up with my uni work that I often forget to update my blog. I admire those who are able to write something everyday, to express themselves or to let others keep track of their lives.

Recently I have been wanting to go away... out, and somewhere very far. On a safari, an expedition. Somewhere far, somewhere perilous and from where I could write and take photographs. This would interest people, they would want to know about my unique life. But for now I just write about my boring life, dreaming of meeting tigers and crocodiles. Maybe somewhere in my dreams I would meet them. Maybe somewhere in my dreams my life would be interesting.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter

The mouths of envious
Always find another door
While at the gates of paradise they
beat us down some more
But our mission’s set in stone
‘Cause the writing’s on the wall
I’ll scream it from the mountain tops
pride comes before a fall

So many thoughts to share
All this energy to give
Unlike those who hide the truth
I tell it like it is
If the truth will set you free
I feel sorry for your soul
Can’t you hear the ringing ‘cause
for you the bell tolls

I’m just a freedom fighter
No remorse
Raging on in holy war
Soon there’ll come a day
When you’re face to face with me
Face to face with me

Can’t you hear us coming?
People marching all around
Can’t you see we’re coming?
Close your eyes it’s over now
Can’t you hear us coming?
The fight has only just begun
Can’t you see we’re coming?

I’m just a freedom fighter
No remorse
Raging on in holy war
Soon there’ll come a day
When you’re face to face with me
Face to face with me

This song is from the US rock band, Creed found in its album Weathered. I feel so much sadness when I hear this song. I imagine wars, those soldiers who want to return home, who are afraid for their lives but who have no choice but to remain there in the battlefield and save the land and their lives at the same time.

Freedom fighters are here to save us...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The 1-word tag

On MBB's forum everyone is playing the 1 word game and I wanted to create a 1 word tag. I know tags are very notorious in the blogosphere; most people regard tags as being a task. So let give you a task my friends. *evil smile*. The tag will be in the form of a question sheet.

1. What Rocks?
2. What Sucks?
3. What's Awesome?
4. What's lame?

4 question! Only 4! Looks simple isn't it? The answer will have to be only 1 word. You can add a describtion or picture to explain your answer, but the answer itself will have to be 1 word.

For the launching of the 1-word tag, I apply a ladies first policy and I tag BbZuSh, Morinn, offbeat_chick and KeliAti. Please try to answer this on your blog. It can be fun.