Friday, January 11, 2008

Most promising event in 2008

The most promising event in 2008 for me would be if I win the rocking girl blogger award. While browsing some girl blogs I saw this award and I must say that I have been shocked that most of them who received this award did not rock. I'm not saying that I do. But at least let's be generous and fair and award this to girls who are really into rock and who proclaim it. But to be awarded the rocking girl blogger award I must wait for my blogging colleagues to win this award and to generously pass it over to me. :D

The way is tough but I promise I will post more on rock music and female guitarists in the days to come. Keep rocking. ;)


fadilnet said...

I look forward to your posts about the rock genre, and would vote you for the rock award thingy :)

Enjoy your upcoming weekend, and may your most promising event turn out to be true *Crossing fingers*

Be well :)

MBB said...

I'm sure if you keep posting on rock you'll get this award soon! :D

slasher said...

I'm waiting for your posts on female guitar players :P

morinn said...

keep rocking miranda. if ever i get this award, i'll be sure to pass it to you. hihi! :D