Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A page rank

Following my post where I was ranting about how my life is meaningless and that I should update, I received an almost divine sign that I should keep posting. I am sure now someone up there reads all blogs and knows when to send signs. The sign in question is a Google PR 2. I had completely abandoned my blog without even thinking about it when today a friend asked me to check my Google toolbar and see for myself, which I did and which I could not believe. My blog has nothing, I am not ashamed to say this and if ever I got the page rank because of traffic then I thank the MBB entirely for this, because let us face it, I don't really visit other blogs or forums. My online life is limited to MSN, wikipedia and the MBB forum. I know I am making a big fuss out of this little PR. Try to understand me, this is the kind of little thing that makes me happy. Perhaps this will give me the required energy to go on with that awesome thing called blogging. Amen.

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carrotmadman6 said...

CONGRATS!! Even i don't have any PR! :P

I find it dismaying that many Mauritian bloggers give up after a few months, but you need to find the required inspiration to continue on... sometimes it's a just a comment or a PR! :D

morinn said...

hihi! no you're not making a big fuss of this! :P a pr is a great achievement, congrats. Now start blogging and be a rocking blogger!

rubeina said...

Great! Congrats for the PR hope at next PR update it's going to be higher ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Miranda. well congrats for your achievements and i think its really something great to achieve apR2 on google. nyway i thought something might interest you. Witha PR2 i guess you are having lots of traffic on your blog and you can monetize the traffic, well you might be thinking that its impossible as we aree mauritians.In fact am also a mauritian and i am earning some money from my blogs. Well its not diifficult just take a look .

nyway yu gt a nice blog

Miranda said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

At Akash, I don't think that is impossible because we are Mauritians. You are living in Las Vegas, you might not know it, but here we have a powerful brethren from where we learn a lot. :D

Yan said...

Sorry I'm late. Was checking out your blog.

Congrats girl! :)