Thursday, February 7, 2008

The 1-word tag

On MBB's forum everyone is playing the 1 word game and I wanted to create a 1 word tag. I know tags are very notorious in the blogosphere; most people regard tags as being a task. So let give you a task my friends. *evil smile*. The tag will be in the form of a question sheet.

1. What Rocks?
2. What Sucks?
3. What's Awesome?
4. What's lame?

4 question! Only 4! Looks simple isn't it? The answer will have to be only 1 word. You can add a describtion or picture to explain your answer, but the answer itself will have to be 1 word.

For the launching of the 1-word tag, I apply a ladies first policy and I tag BbZuSh, Morinn, offbeat_chick and KeliAti. Please try to answer this on your blog. It can be fun.


morinn said...

lovely tag! :D sounds fun. i'll make a must to reply to it.

Mir@nda said...

That's great Morinn!!

Anonymous said...

:o I'll try... :unsure: