Sunday, February 3, 2008

I am annoyed

I am really annoyed today. I am not trying to be like anteblog but I have seen something today which left me feeling really angry. Why should people copy from some other people? Why can't they be original and innovative? This happened when I visited a forum today and saw that they were copying the layout and structure of another forum in which I am quite active. I was wondering whether those who copy do not feel that they are not being original. Everyone see the forum of MBB original and cool. The contructor there often innovates but I think they should do something to prevent poeple from copying their ideas about the layout. It is just unfair.


La Pingouine said...

T'as raison c'est injuste! Et c'est vraiment enervant. Mais les originaux restent et les copies finissent toujours par crever.

waz said...

welcome to the internet! :P
just enjoy the ride coz nothing much can be done about this...the more people copy the MBB template, the more we, MBB members, should be happy coz it means we having an impact within the online community! :P

Neelesh said...

Copying? I would ask you what level of copying? If it is template you can't call it copying. WE can all grab a template from a website and use it in our forum.

If they are the categories, then this is called not being original