Sunday, February 3, 2008

Seven things

I have been tagged by Morinn from something to talk about... I thank her for this tag which is my very first and which would be my participation for MBB's seventh theme of the week which is seven itself.

The tags consists of enumerating seven weird things about me. It is quite easy. Let me begin.

1. I hate meat. I don't like to eat red meat specially. Not even my mother knows that.
2. I have never fallen in love
3. I can't use pencils which have blunt egdes. I need sharp and pointed edges. Always.
4. I invent names or nicknames for my close friends and family.
5. I have weird and irregular sleeping patterns
6. I hate people who are not true to themselves
7. I don't think I am weird in any way.

I pass this tag to anyone who wants to reply to it on his/her blog.

Since I can't let this post end like this, I'll write about the meaning of the number seven to me.

For me, this number means luck. It makes me think of the triple 7 you see in cash machines if ever you have won.
The number seven is also present in many common mystiques, like the seven deadly sins or seven lives.

In numerology seven is the most significant of all the numbers, seven is generally thought of as lucky because there have been so many famous groups of seven or of its multiples: the days of the week, phases of the Moon, notes of the musical scale, colors of the spectrum, the seven original fixed stars, the seven graces, the seven virtues and, from the Bible, seven days of creation, even trumpets, seven plagues, seven seas and many more. Its great mysticism is summed up in the belief that a seventh son will possess enormous magical powers. So the number is regarded as highly spiritual and philosophical. Its people are intuitive, perhaps psychic, and not interested in material wealth. If you are a seven person, you have great associations with water, your planet being Neptune, so you will tend to love travel, especially on the sea. You often have power over others, but must avoid being too introverted Your originality can make you a good writer, poet or painter. The 7th, 16th and 25th are your lucky days, together with any monday. Your best color is green and your stone is moss-agate. The associated tarot card is the Chariot.

I leave you here. With seven thoughts. :D


Shah said...

*handing lettuce to Miranda*
You're so cool :) (refer to the details)

*hugs* Good week.

Yan said...

You've never fallen in love. Cool... What are your "admirers" waiting for?

morinn said...

lol! never fallen in love? eeutaah. seven is really mystic. i love seven! :P

Anonymous said...

I like sharp pencils too XD And as for my lucky number, I'd say it's the 4 or at least I want to think it is :P

Lovliebutterfly said...

A lot of things that happen to me seem to be associated with the number 7 too. I very fond of numerology and I try to add up all the numbers I come across (people's birthdays, my bank cards, phone number, etc, anything really!) to make some sense with them. Mmmm, if that makes sense! Anyway, you seem to be a cool person! xx